Thursday, May 20, 2010


Sometimes I wake up really late. It really blows my day to smitherines. Im supposed to have priced a birthday party package for some lady by this point in the day. But here I sit. In my bed. Wearing just my undies. Blogging so I dont have to get ready for work. Sometimes I am delightfully pitiful. :D

Also, any tips for waking up?

Monday, May 17, 2010

Yes. I am a crazy person.

Wow. Its been a while. It's late and I couldn't sleep and I thought that it would be a good time to write a new post.

The semester ended well. I survived exams and got all my homework done and that's great and all. I moved into the apartment that I will be living in for the rest of forever as well. Its nice. And the guys I am living with are just crazy enough to not judge me too much, so I cant complain.

But the REAL thing that has been keeping me busy is the business. Yep. I own a business. My parents opened an ice cream parlor a few years ago, and at the beginning of this month, they said, "Here ya go!". So here I go.

They had been very prayerful about the decision. Handing over ANYTHING to a 21 year old junior in college is a big decision.....but a business? CRAZY. The thing is, I felt like I was supposed to do it. Not only that, but I actually WANTED to. CRAZIER. So I made the leap and quit both of my jobs. Boss #1 said good luck and boss #2 said I was making a mistake. Either way, I am now officially jobless (except for the ice cream parlor) and have a lot to do If I want to be successful.

But as scared as I am, I'm pretty excited. I know I'm supposed to be doing it. Ive been prayerful about this myself and it just feels RIGHT. Yes, I understand that running a business is lots of time and very hard work. Yes, I understand that keeping my grades up during the semester will be a challenge (and keeping my waist size down will be a miracle as well). But it can be done.

I mean, after all, I AM Nate Pence. Right?