Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Thoughts From a Friend

This post is not mine. It is stolen from a blog I like to read. The authors are friends of mine who have been practically sisters to each other for many years. I love them both and I appreciate the messages they bring to me. So while the following thought may not be mine, it is still one that I believe in fully. Healing comes not when we want it, but when the time is right. I am grateful for friends who help speed this process along.

To Elinor and Marianne.

Healing scars

A week ago this past Sunday, I burned my hand. Not terribly, just enough to leave two dark red lines on the back of my hand and the back of my thumb. For quite some time the mark remained the same as the day I did it. Then it started getting worse: peeling open, turning raw, generally hurting. But what could I do to help heal it faster? Not much. So I left it alone.

This morning after I finished praying, my eyes flitted across the back of my hand and I noticed the burn was almost healed. Overnight the burn had turned from red and peeling to stretched and pink.

I thought of healing of all kind, of any burden or pain from which we need relief: guilt, grief, worry, loss, fear, loneliness, sadness, anger. I thought of how the best way to heal from our burdens is to give them to God and leave them alone. Maybe we will occasionally consider the pain and think how it isn’t any better than it was the day before. Then one day, after praying, we will notice how the scars have nearly healed and how things are so much better.