Wednesday, April 7, 2010

And it begins...

Yes. It is that time again. Finals approach. Dread. I have two papers to write. I have three analysisses (analysi? analysisie? whatever the plural is. I'm a music major. Come on.) to do and I am realizing that my life is severely limited. This was on a bumber sticker I saw and I totally agree

1. Sleep
2. Homework
3. Social Life

Pick Two. Welcome to college.

ITS SO TRUE!! I love school. It good for me. But as this semester winds down, I am realizing I will have less and less time to do the "extra" stuff that I so love. It kind of kills me. I am a somewhat social addict. I need people. Without them I die. Kind of like friendly Vampirism...I just feed off of laughter and good vibes and such instead. Being cooped up in my room studying/writing/trying-to-read-but-really-getting-on-facebook-and-pretending-to-work-ing makes me want to vomit copious amounts of anything to give me an excuse to leave and tell someone about it!

So to help me in my misery, I am reliving past moments of fun I have had. Here are some recent pictures from a bonfire that was INCREDIBLE!

The nice thing is that this summer I am not doing the musicals, so I will have time to be a person! I anticipate many more moments like the ones above.

I have to say that this Lady, Melissa Branin is one of the most talented and lovely people I know and I am afraid I will miss her when she comes down next week. :(

And this Man, Zach Collett is going to save the world. For serious.

Something else I am going to miss while I am on irresponsibility hiatus is youtube. So many house of wonderfully wasted time there. I will now share one of my favorite videos below. I love finding old clips of songs done by the original artist. This is one of my favorites:

Well, I hope you all enjoy the life I cant have. I'll be back to it soon I hope. Now I'm off do do laundry so I dont have to start on a paper that's due Monday. Ugh.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

What was I saying?

So, I have this problem. My brain is broken. Sometimes I try to use it, and It just wont start up. Does that ever happen to anyone else? Just last night I had a question for the Resident Director of my dorm, and I walked into the lobby and in front of the whole room, I said, "Hey, Phillip, I have a Question. Ummmm......." Yeah. Embarrassing.

The sad thing is, I do it all the time. At work I'll walk into the stock room and just stand there. My boss eventually comes back, sees me standing like a fat kid who cant remember if he had actually finished the rest of his sandwich, (which happens to me far too often. I go to take another bite, and I cant find it. Is it gone? I thought there was at least another bite!!) and then chalks it up to college-student-no-sleep-exhaustion-itis and sends me home for the day.

It's really frustrating. I do it in class, with friends, even when I'm trying to study. I really wonder what causes it. I don't have the luxury of calling it old age, although I am 21 now and feel ancient (I just dont know how you keep going Mom and Dad) . Is this a thing everyone does? I've heard of it, but I do it a LOT. In the end I guess its one of the things that makes me, ME. I'll be grateful for now.

So to all of you whose brains have............ Oh well. Here's a video that I think was relative. I forget.