Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Remember When It Rained

It has been raining for several days now.

Most people don't like to get caught in the rain. Especially if it is a cold, extra wet rain. You know the type. The kind where you only have to be out in the drizzle for a minute before it is in your bones and your fingers and toes seem to be frozen for the rest of the day. The warm, still half sunny day type of rain is nice, but it is almost October now. Those days are gone for the year.

And even the people who don't like getting caught in the rain can appreciate it from inside their cozy little homes. They say as they look at the glistening lawn "Oh good, we needed that rain. The grass was so brown", or even "Bout time. I've missed hearing that sound," as they listen to the patter of the water on the roof. And even I appreciate a cool refreshing drink once in a while. It's good to have a really really cold glass of water to drink. So refreshing. And I feel that nature deserves it every once in a while too.

But you see, my roof leaks. I don't like the rain.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

RANDOM! And also stress. A little. And friends.

So I worry about things. Its easy for me to stress, and if it can possibly be stressed about, I will feel said stress. Which is stressful.

And to be honest, Ive been worried about my blogging. Its kind of random. I have realized this. And I have not stopped being random. Again with the stress thing. (and dont worry...its not like it keeps me up at night...its just when I look at my blog I wonder and feel a little worried then I get distracted by something pretty and it goes away.) But I have decided that its ok to be random. You see, thats how my brain works. It just goes from one thing to the other. Really fast. Talk to anyone who knows me well. They will probably tell you about how I change subject randomly. My housemate Brandon even remarked on it one time, and interrupted my comment by saying "Whoa there bud....that transition happened really fast and you left the rest of us at the station. What are you even talking about?"

Which of course was very frustrating, as it made perfect sense to me where tyhe comment came from, and it slowed down the progress of the conversation to explain it. Part of me wanted to chide them for not being attentive to the movements of my mind. The other part was worried that I had a legitimate problem communicating and that maybe I should fix it or else people would begin to hate talking to me. And the stress again.

On the bright side I made some new friends today. They came into Alexander's today and stayed for six hours. And we had a rather enjoyable time. Random yes, but enjoyable.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Catching Up

So, I haven't posted in forever-ish. Apologies. But to catch everyone up:

Business is going well. With school being back in session, there are lots of students coming in and that makes business much better. I'll be adding food soon (if all goes well) and I'll be able to make things function a bit better.

And that's another thing. School. Its going well for me so far, but I forget that it takes so much stinking time! This assignment, that assignment, this paper, that book to read, this rehearsal that lesson, and so on and so forth. Probably the best thing about this semester is the amount of conducting I get to do. I LOVE conducting. And this semester my friend Kyle and I are conducting the women's choir, called Bella Voce. Meaning beautiful voice. And its going so well! They are doing a marvelous job and I cant wait for the concert. Another thing I am enjoying is the Institute Choir. The Lord knew I was busy, so he called me as institute choir director as well. Yep. Needed that one. Anyway, it is going amazingly well considering its record for having no one show up. At the second rehearsal we had 30ish people. Yesss.

My junior recital will be this semester, and THAT my friends, is stressing me. I did an early "practice" recital just before school started, and I'm glad I did. It was a good way for me to gauge how much I had to do before the official recital. Which is a lot....

My only issue is, I cant decide if I like conducting or performance more. And on top of that, I want to do so many KINDS of performance. Should I do classical? Or the more fun jazz stuff? So many options! And there are so many artists out there that I love to listen to and watch, but I just cant decide what I really want to do.

Oh well. I'll figure it out eventually. In the mean time I have people like Dearest Carol and Sweet Beverly to help me out with my choice. These two ladies are two of my all time favorite performers, and each of the two did completely different types of entertaining. I hope you enjoy. (And I also hope you will go on youtube and watch this whole show. It is absolutely outstanding.)