Sunday, May 8, 2011


I love food. In fact, I would probably die without it. Even if going without it somehow didn't kill me, it still would. That's how much I love it. I also love making food. Especially for people who aren't me. Even though I get to eat it too and enjoy it as well. Because its food. And, as I am sure you can see by now, I love it.

Well tonight I went over to my friends' (Kyle and Tricia Nielsen) house to have a housewarming dinner, as they have just moved in. And it was awesome. I made homemade ravioli. Like, from scratch all the way. I took eggs and flour and mixed it all up and then put it through the little machine to help flatten it. After a while I had to make the filling and Kyle took over the machine cranking. It was not an easy job. After seeing what went into making pasta, Tricia vowed never to do it. Ten minutes later she was helping Kyle. Marriage is precious.

The filling was made with chicken, and the following cheeses: ricotta, asiago, parmesean, and romano. Was it brilliant? Yes. Why? Because I served it with a piccata sauce that I made myself and it was AWESOME. Wipe the slobber off of your keyboards now. You might cause some damage.

Now the next bit is something that I happen to love, but Kyle was a weenie about because he apparently hates Garlic. Not garlic with a little "g" but Garlic. It is something universal and incredible. Cultures who don't use it are bound for destruction. Most likely at my hands. I love Garlic. And so this bit of the meal has to have lots. It consists of fresh lemon juice, Garlic, a liiiiittle bit of soy sauce, and enough salt to take the edge off of the lemon juice. Top it off with some olive oil and then you dip fresh veggies in it. It is incredible people! DO IT!!

Then when I was about to leave, I realized that I had some extra ingredients and so I used the leftover ricotta cheese and cream, some sugar, vanilla and a few drops of juice from an orange (not to be confused with orange juice, which comes from a carton, is usually from concentrate, and it GROSS). I whipped it up and then they made brownies and cut strawberries. I left, but I hope they enjoyed it.

The point is, I went home and felt so happy. I made the food all from scratch like a grown up and ate it all like a grown up too. Food just gets better when you are older. Chicken nuggets and ramen noodles are great and all, but things just get so much better than that you know? Anyway. That was my day. It was great. AND I JUST REALIZED THAT THE BREADSTICKS THAT I MEANT TO TAKE OVER THERE FOR DINNER ARE STILL SITTING IN THE FRIDGE! So pardon me. I have a bit of snacking to do. Waist line, say hello again to those lost ten pounds.

Also, don't forget to vote on the right for your favorite type of food. Because food rocks.

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  1. Nate,
    We make Raviolis from scratch for Christmas. It is a tradition in Bucks family. I love it!